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"Stardoll is a browser-based game from Glorious Games. One of the world's largest online fashion communities, Stardoll has reached over 400 million users as of January 2016."

As an illustrator at Stardoll for 6 years, I learnt a lot. It was a fun time with lots of different challenges and projects. I worked with brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen, Mawi, Killah and more. I created backgrounds, interior, clothes and faces for the dolls, Holiday calendars and small animations. 
Everything is vector graphic, made in Adobe Illustrator. 


"Focusing on an audience that is often overlooked by the gaming industry, Stardoll is open to everyone but focuses on providing a place for teens and young women to express their creativity and manage their own virtual fashion world, engage in creative social activities with other players around the world, and participate in mini games and challenges."

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